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Wang jianguo, deputy secretary of the party committee of China shaanxi nuclear group, and his delegation went to the natural val

  On the morning of May 24,wang jianguo,deputy secretary of the party committee of China shaanxi nuclear group,and zou haifeng,minister of discipline inspection and supervision,accompanied by zhao mingxue,secretary of the party committee of tiangu,inspected and guided the party branch construction and propaganda ideological and cultural construction of natural valley company.   Li jian,secretary of natural valley party branch,made a detailed report from the aspects of branch construction,political construction,ideological construction,organizational construction,style construction,party conduct and integrity,publicity and culture,and mass work.The branch of the company is constructed and managed in strict accordance with the"7 excellent standards",integrating party construction into daily production and operation,combining party construction supervision with quality management,promoting each other and strengthening the complementarity between branch construction and company management.   After the briefing,Wang Shuji line of site access to the party member data and study notes,Wang Shuji branch work certainly high,around the business results give affirmation,the company party support for party building enterprise culture construction and achieve the honor of positive,on the party organization learning and team construction and so on to give you.   At the same time,secretary wang put forward several requirements:1,study the party constitution,in strict accordance with the party constitution on the eight responsibilities of the branch,the branch into a strong bastion of grassroots organizations,education and guidance of staff,mobilize enthusiasm,creativity and initiative.2.Continue to learn the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and the spirit of xi jinping's series of speeches,study and reflect repeatedly,and extend the learning and reading of relevant reading materials.3.Learned"eight kinds of skills discussion",served for the company's production and operation work,deeply studied the party constitution and series of speeches to promote the company's development.

Tiangu group held an economic operation analysis meeting in the first half of 2018 in natural valley company

OnJuly16,tiangugroupheldaneconomicoperationanalysismeetingforthefirsthalfof2018inthemulti-functionalmeetingroomofnaturalvalleycompanyinshaheyingtown,chenggucounty.Theleadersofeachsubsidiaryreportedontheeconomicoperationinthefirsthalfoftheyear.   Thismeetingreportedthecompletionofeconomicindicators,operatingincomeandkeyprojectsoftiangugroupanditssubsidiariesinthefirsthalfoftheyear,madeanin-depthanalysisoftheeconomicoperation,pointedoutthemainproblems,andmade17measurestoensurethecompletionofeconomicindicatorsandkeyprojects.   Themeetingheldthattheeconomicoperationoftiangugroupwasbasicallystableinthefirsthalfyear,keyprojectswereadvancedorderly,theindustrialchainwasextendedmoreclearly,andtheoverallproductionandoperationwereundercontrol.Inthesecondhalfoftheyear,allsubsidiariesshouldcontinuetostrengthentheoperation,strictlycontrolthequality,theheadquartersandsubsidiarieslinkage,toachieveinformationsharing,strivefornewproductbreakthroughs,andbettercompletethegroup'stasksin2018.Themeetingpointedoutthatallunitsshouldearnestlyenhancethesenseofurgency,focusonthegroup'sdecision-makingdeploymentandannualworkarrangement,paycloseattentiontotheimplementation,andgoallouttoensurethecompletionoftheannualgoals,tomakecontributionstothegrowthofthegroup'soperatingefficiency.   Inviewoftheeconomicworkinthesecondhalfoftheyear,themeetingrequires:first,tofindouttheexistingproblemscomprehensivelyandformulatethecorrectcountermeasures;Second,toimplementthegroup'sarrangementsanddeployment,tokeepthedecreesmooth;Third,wemustchangetheworkstyle,enhancestheexecutiondynamics;Fourth,wewillstrengthenmanagementofkeyprojectstoensuresmoothprogress.Fifth,wewillimplementtheresponsibilityforsafetyandenvironmentalprotectionandimproveriskmanagement.

Chen xiaoyong, executive vice mayor of hanzhong city, investigated natural valley company

  At 3:30 PM on August 3,Chen xiaoyong,member of the standing committee of hanzhong municipal committee of CPC and executive vice mayor of hanzhong went to the company to conduct research.Chenggu county magistrate hu xinli,natural valley company vice chairman wang ping and acting general manager liu jianxin accompanied.   Vice mayor Chen and his party visited the production line,product exhibition hall and the demonstration planting base of epimedium,listened to the development status of the company,and consulted the market situation at home and abroad.Vice mayor Chen took the initiative to consult the company about the major existing difficulties,loan financing and other related conditions,and at the same time,he was concerned about the progress of the poverty alleviation project of tiangu pharmaceutical.   In view of the demonstration planting base of icarii,vice mayor Chen pointed out that,based on the main products of the enterprise,introducing excellent varieties and vigorously promoting the cultivation of raw materials,not only solve the raw materials required by the production of the company,but also can promote the development of local Chinese herbal medicine planting industry,and then drive farmers out of poverty and become rich,which is worthy of promotion.In addition,vice mayor Chen pointed out that the company should focus on the"One Belt And One Road"opening strategy and industrial poverty alleviation policy,increase the training of technical personnel,and lay a solid foundation for the company's growth and development.Strengthen communication and cooperation with major Banks,better use of a variety of financing channels to solve related problems;Strengthen site safety management,improve personnel safety awareness,to ensure the safety of production.

Tiangu group held a meeting to convey the eight provisions of the special spiritual inspection of shaanxi nuclear group

  In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the central committee on comprehensively enforcing strict party governance,we implemented the spirit of the eight regulations.On the morning of August 9,in the meeting room of hanzhong natural valley company,I communicated and learned about the special meeting on eight regulations of shaanxi nuclear group.At this meeting,members and department heads of the leadership team of tiangu group,the leadership team and office staff of natural valley company,the leadership team and office and financial staff of tianxiang pharmaceutical,and the leadership team and financial staff of tiangu pharmaceutical attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by zhao mingxue,party secretary and executive director of tiangu group.

President xi nong da wu pute and his delegation went to the natural valley company for research and guidance

  On the morning of September 7,wu pute,President of northwest a&f university,and his delegation went to natural valley company to investigate the deep processing project of Chinese medicinal materials,accompanied by Chen xiliang,secretary of chenggu county party committee,hu xinli,deputy secretary of chenggu county party committee and county head,li xuesong,general manager of tiangu group,wang ping,vice chairman of natural valley company,and liu jianxin,acting general manager.   After listening to the company's historical development and overall planning and deployment,President wu and his party inspected the company's production workshop,product exhibition hall and the demonstration planting base of epimedium,and inquired about the company's raw materials,development status,deep processing and product market situation.   During the natural valley company vice chairman,wang ping general introduced the company to the principal wu line deep processing of Chinese herbal medicine industry development and cultivation of epimedium demonstration is carried out,hope for natural valley northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology company in the Chinese herbal medicine planting and breeding technology support and field training,promote the construction of natural valley company raw material planting pace,to promote county crucial for poverty alleviation work.   President wu said that the cultivation and promotion of traditional Chinese medicinal materials can boost the county's poverty alleviation work.Northwest a&f university has the advantages of the deep processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and the cultivation and cultivation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials,which can be supported and assisted by experts and professors of the college according to the needs of natural valley company.

The company and shaanxi university of science and technology held a base signing ceremony

11月7日下午,陕西理工大学在公司举行了“教学实习基地”和“大学生实践育人创新创业基地”签约授牌仪式。陕西理工大学副校长冯小明,以及教务处、校团委、生工学院负责人,公司党支部书记兼副总经理李建参加了此次仪式。    仪式上,首先陕西理工大学教务处长张国海介绍了学校学科专业、办学特色、人才培养及校外实习基地建设规范;生工学院院长霍科科介绍了生物工程专业学科发展和学生生产实习工作开展情况。   其次,

The company's 2018 wastewater and boiler test report

The company's 2018 wastewater and boiler test report

The county environmental protection bureau jointly held an emergency drill for environmental emergencies in 2018

摘要:   12月11日下午3点,县环保局联合公司举行2018年突发环境事件应急演练    12月11日下午3点,城固县环境保护局联合汉中天然谷生物科技股份有限公司在沙河营镇天然谷厂区内举行了2018年突发环境事件应急演练。   通过此次应急演练,锻炼了公司应急处理事件队伍,检验了公司环境应急预案体系,提高了公司员工应对突发环境应急事件的能力,同时规范了应急事件的处理程序和方法,最大程度保护了自然
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